Drip Irrigation System.

Drip irrigation system provides high irrigation efficiency.It needs low pressure for water distribution. Allows control of salt in soil water it is possible to provide continuous water by this method. Because it has high irrigation circuits.

Drip irrigation method prevents the upper areas of the plants from getting wet. Air humidity is not affected by watering. The soil surface between the plant areas remains dry.

An ideal drip irrigation is possible with equal amounts of water from all drippers. Thus, an equal amount of water is provided to each plant during the irrigation period.

The high water distribution in the drip irrigation reduces the amount of water to be drilled from the root zone. In this way, the water needed by the plant is given to the root zone.

Flat Drip System Pipes

Flat Drip Pipes.

Flat drip pipes allow irrigation at longer distances than round drip pipes. Thickness is thinner, the drippers are flat.

16-17-20 and 22 mm diameters 1.6, 2 and 2.5 liters of water dripping per hour thickness ranging from 6 miles to 24 miles serving our customers with a range of products.”

Flat Drip System Pipes

Flat Drip Water Pipes

Flat Drip System Pipes

Flat Drip Water Pipes

Damla Sulama Sistemleri

Drip Irrigation Pipe Fittings.

The drip irrigation system is the irrigation method where the purified water snd fertilizer are put into the ground with drippers. This flow is very small but in a continuous flow or drop. In this method, water is used in high efficiency, which saves a lot of water. And soil moisture is kept at the desired level. In addition, the necessary nutrients to the plants are supplied with water. Because of these reasons, the usage increases day by day.



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