Agrocan Irrigation

Our quality policy.

1. To apply and continuously improve management system standards.
2. To do the right thing in our activities, for the first time and every time.
3. To comply with legal regulations and other obligations.
4. To maintain customer satisfaction by offering products and services that meet customer tastes and demands.
5. To ensure teamwork and accurate information exchange with the participation of our employees.
6. To train all our employees by following technological innovations, to increase their competencies and awareness.
7. To keep the environmental and human health effects of our activities under control.
8. To improve the quality & environment & occupational & energy efficiency awareness of our employees and stakeholders.
9. To reduce waste and prevent pollution by using our natural resources consciously and effectively.
10. To ensure the continuity of a healthy and safe working environment.
11. Updating risks and taking precautions to reduce accidents that may occur.
12. Reducing energy costs and saving in energy use in order to increase energy efficiency.

Team Spirit

We work with a team of experts.


Agrocan has a superior quality management system that provides high quality standarts in it’s sector.


There is a control mechanism in Agrocan Irrigation. This ensures
that all stages of work are monitored in a secure and integrated manner.

Legal Documents

Our Certificates.