Drip System and Pipes.

Pressure regulated drip irrigation pipes are designed for use in rough terrain. Pc dripline is the most important development in PC drip technology of the last decode. After years of research, the PC was launched and introduced a new stanndard for dripline techlonogy.

Next step in drop technology

-In these pipes, 40 independent internal filters in 3 zones provide maximum protection against clogging.
-One of the largest available flow paths.
-Full length exit pool and raised wall design minimizes soil absorption.
-Ideal option for long runs or slopes.

Drip Water System

The principle features of drip pipe.

– Outside diameter Ø 16 mm
– Pipe wall thicknesses are produced as 32 (0,8 mm), 40 (1 mm), 48 (1,2 mm) shaft.
– It gives the same flow rate between 0,6 and 4 bar.
– Made of pure polyethylene.
– The dripper diaphragm is made of silicone
– It is further strengthened against clogging due to its filter system.
– They are produced in suitable colors.
– It’s material is flexible and resistant to breakage and cracking.
– The dripper is self-cleaning.

Our quality assurance is professonalism
Cutting-edge construction quality management system LATISTA ensures high quality standards at all of the company’s sites. The control mechanism allows integrated monitoring of works at all stages of construction and includes over 100 quality assessment benchmarks.

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