What is the Central Pivot Irrigation System?.

In sprinkler irrigation systems, the central pivot system is the best. The central pivots, which are much more common than the leteral movement cousin, are electric or hydraulic driven wheeled towers connecting the long beams supporting the long feed pipes. These pipes are normally made of galvanized stell or aluminum which are corrosion resistant. The central pivot desing is most commonly 1/4 mile long (400 m) but some designs exceed 1640 ft (500 m) radius

The machine surrounds a central point that feeds the water supply and acts like a pivot. Water flows out of a pump station, a pivot, where it is distributed along the feed pipe to be distributed to the sprinkler heads and finally exits the last boom, which is essentially a high pressure water gun for irrigating the edge sections. Newer designs abandoned the traditional high flow sprinkler head in favor of low energy precision application (LEPA) heads that hang just above the floor suspended from the feed pipe. This reduces the amount of water wasted through wind drift and evaporation

The system is usually driven by a series of 480 volt electric motors that power the wheels of each tower. The outer tower adjusts the sweeping speed, while the angle and GPS sensors mounted on the inner towers keep everything moving together. As the cage system moves across the field, a built-in water pressure regulator adjusts the flow to provide enough and sufficient moisture to establish the flow rate. The entire installation is monitored and controlled from a remote workstation using satellite images and GPS data from the towers.

The center pivot is the best of industrial sprinklers because of its versatility. They can work with many types of soil and do not need perfectly flat ground to work (such as surface irrigation) but are effective even on soft slopes.


Technicial Specifications.

The system, which consists of completely galvanized steel pipes and steel construction, moves in a circular rotation on a reinforced concrete platform and automatically irrigates without human touch.

The systems provide homogeneous water distribution, saving labor, water and time.

Center Pivot Irrigation Machines can operate at slopes up to 15%. Water use efficiency reaches 90-95% in Center Pivot Irrigation Systems..

Economical and Effective

Technological and Practical


Cutting-edge construction quality management system LATISTA ensures high quality standards at all of the company’s sites. The control mechanism allows integrated monitoring of works at all stages of construction and includes over 100 quality assessment benchmarks.

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